Gown Cleaning

Gown Cleaning, Restoration, & Preservation

For wedding gowns and special event garments

Cleaning and Preservation

Our cleaning technician will examine your dress and determine the safest and most effective cleaning method possible. We will treat the entire gown for sugar stains and give extra attention to the neckline and the hemline.

After cleaning, your gown will be inspected and post-spotted if necessary. Any loose trim or seams will be repaired by our professional alterations staff. Steam finishing will be done as necessary with care taken to follow the designer’s lines and drape.

To keep your gown looking its best, we also offer preservation services. Your gown is placed in an acid-free preservation chest with a full viewing window where it is fan-folded and lined with acid-free tissue. The sleeves and other areas needing detailed attention are shaped and stuffed with tissue to protect the delicate contours. Along with our staff’s keen eye for detail, you are also welcome to examine your gown prior to placing it into the preservation box.

Restoration Services: Gowns, Wedding and Christening

Are you considering wearing a cherished family bridal gown?

Improper gown storage in damp basements often harbors mold and mildew, while hot attics can caramelize sugar stains into unsightly spots. Our gown restoration process can remove these stains as well as remove the yellowing that has occurred from light, moisture or improper storage.

Please stop by our Corvallis location at 1120 NW 9th Street for a personal consultation.

If your label says “Zurcion Method”

The Zurcion method has been named as a recommended method for handling certain wedding gowns. Zurcion is simply a registered trademark of a cleaner in the state of New York that has used as many as six different names in the marketplace; including Nationwide Gown Cleaning. Trademarks are simply protected trade names of companies doing business. The Zurcion method is not a unique processes; Zurcion is simply dry-cleaning. (Nationwide also happens to be the company that was named on “The Leeza Show” as refusing to honor a warranty for a bride who received a damaged gown!)